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New Mercedes B-Class 2019 - see why it’s a larger, more practical A-Class

This is the all-new Mercedes B-Class! Revealed at the Paris Motor Show, this new Mercedes MPV has borrowed a number of features and technology from both the A-Class and S-Class.

But given the last version of the B-Class was relatively underwhelming, has the third generation caught up enough to offer a suitable challenge to the likes of the BMW’s 2 Series Active Tourer? Watch Mat’s latest Top 10 overview to find out!

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2019 Mercedes B-Class FULL REVIEW all-new BClass B-Klasse AMG-Line - Autogefühl

In today’s Autogefühl's episode, we present you the all-new Mercedes B-Class. As always we cover exterior, interior, engines and driving experience - and this time also an assistance systems safety feature.

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New Mercedes B-Class(B 200) - Review and Test drive

This is New Mercedes B-Class(B 200) - Review and Test drive.

Mercy B-Class uses a completely new platform compared to the previous generation. This platform is the same platform as the A-Class called MFA2 or Modular Front Architecture. Now, the B-Class body code is W247 from the previous W246.

Because using the same platform, the dimensions of the B-Class are similar to the A-Class. It's just that it is made taller so that it strengthens the impression of an MPV compared to the A-Class hatchback. When compared again, the B-Class is still smaller than the C-Class. Therefore, the B-Class can be said to have a relatively smaller body and greatly facilitates driving in the city

Still about the exterior of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class which also looks a bit like the A-Class. Viewed from the front and rear, the hatchback's features are still visible. Perhaps to be precise, the A-Class is more aimed at consumers who are younger at heart because of the narrower and lower appearance, while the B-Class is aimed at consumers who are young at heart and the desire for their family has started to emerge. Anyway, exactly the A-Class that comes in here is the A200, while the B-Class is also B200.

From the front the lights narrow, while the grille widened against a honeycomb background plus a giant Mercedes-Benz badge. Still in front, an elongated honeycomb radiator grille supported by a fog lamp housing clearly resembles the A-Class, but is made slightly larger. The hood of the B-Class looks shorter and the glass bends higher upwards. This design is carried out so that the inside space can be more outside than the A-Class, even though the overall length is exactly the same.

The details of the headlights are full LED with DRL which has two strips. LED projector bulbs with auto leveling, non-projector LED remote lights and LED turn signals that replace the DRL.

Towards the back, thanks to the window with a more rounded bottom and bends, now it doesn't look like the previous MPV B-Class version. In the lighting sector, there are full LED taillights and parking lights. The night light is an LED bar that lights up around the lamp to the inside. The LED light lights on the outside, the LED turn signal lights and the LED rear fog lamp on the right.

Detailed Dimensions of the Mercedes-Benz B-Class
- Length: 4,419 mm
- Width: 1,796 mm
- Height: 1,562 mm
- Wheelbase: 2,729 mm
- Turn Radius: 5.5 meters
- Steering System: Electric Power Steering
- Front suspension: McPherson Strut with Coil Spring
- Rear Suspension: Torsion Beam with Coil Spring
- Damper: Static Lowered 15 mm.

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